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An article on the use of KK modules
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An article on the use of KK modules

An article on the use of KK modules

November 21, 2023

KK module, also known as single axis robot or linear module, plays an important role in the mechanical industry and can also be applied in multiple industries.

Application on machine tools: Choosing high-performance and reliable CNC systems, servo drive devices, and high-quality supporting components in machine tool design can greatly improve the reliability of CNC machine tools.

Application in the painting industry:

1.Automatic spraying and painting machines: can reduce labor and save spraying raw materials.

2.Automatic book retrieval machine: used for large library management equipment, easy to manage.

3.Automatic dispensing machine: can reduce manual labor and save spraying raw materials.

Applications in light industry, textile, printing and dyeing industries: bleaching and dyeing, spraying, crystal handicraft processing, etc.

Applications in the electronic semiconductor industry: batteries, IT fields, precision welding, motor welding, sensors, refrigeration parts welding, light guide plate marking, cables, LCD panel edges, integrated circuit (IC) marking, welding parts laser, soldering tin are all applications of linear modules.

Applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industries: Single axis robots are used for marking plastic mechanical covers, detecting, sorting, and packaging during drug transportation.

In the transportation and logistics industries, applications such as handling, palletizing, sorting, etc. can greatly save costs and complete all operations safely and efficiently.

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