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Applications of miniature ball screws
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Applications of miniature ball screws

Applications of miniature ball screws

October 27, 2023


Miniature ball screws are widely used in various fields. Here are some main application fields:


Machinery manufacturing: Micro ball screws are usually used in small mechanical devices, such as small machine tools, precision instruments, robots, etc.


Optical equipment: Micro ball screws are often used in optical equipment such as focusing mechanisms, optical platforms, and optical telescopes to achieve precise optical system adjustment.


Electronic equipment: Micro ball screws are used in various electronic equipment, such as electron microscopes, semiconductor equipment, R&D and production of electronic components, etc.


Medical equipment: Micro ball screws are widely used in medical equipment, such as surgical instruments, robotic surgical systems, imaging diagnostic equipment, etc.


Automotive industry: Micro ball screws are mainly used in the automotive industry for car seat adjustment, door and window opening and closing, steering wheel adjustment and other functions.


In addition to the above application fields, miniature ball screws can also be used in precision measurement equipment, aerospace, military and other fields. Because the advantages of miniature ball screws include high precision, high load capacity, long life, etc., they are widely used in situations where precise positioning and adjustment are required.

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