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Ball screw being processed
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Ball screw being processed

Ball screw being processed

November 14, 2023

There are many processes and procedures for making ball screws, and grinding is a very important part of it.This is also one of the advantages of our factory, superior grinding technology.

The high-quality grinding in our factory mainly focuses on the following aspects:


    1. Choose high-precision and high-stability grinding equipment to ensure the smooth progress of the grinding process.

    2. According to the material and precision requirements of the ball screw, select the appropriate grinding wheel material and particle size to ensure grinding efficiency and surface quality.

    3. Select special coolant to prevent overheating, burns and other adverse phenomena during the grinding process.

    4. During the grinding process, control the feed speed of the grinding wheel to avoid undesirable phenomena such as overcutting and undercutting.

    5. Reasonably control the grinding force to avoid damage or deformation of the workpiece.

    6. During the grinding process, the grinding wheel needs to be dressed in time to ensure the sharpness and surface quality of the grinding wheel.

    7. Develop a reasonable grinding process and strictly follow the process to ensure the quality and accuracy of each processing link.

    8. Accuracy testing is required at each processing stage to ensure processing quality and accuracy.

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