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Impeller casting process
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Impeller casting process

Impeller casting process

November 03, 2023

Our company has extremely rich experience in custom manufacturing CNC machining, milling and turning aluminum parts. We can manufacture castings of different types and materials. Today we focus on impeller castings. Let me give you an in-depth understanding of this casting product.The picture below is a physical picture of the impeller.

Actual picture of impeller casting

Impellers are critical components in various industries including power generation, aerospace and fluid mechanics. In the world of power generation, these superb blades sit at the heart of turbines and determine large-scale electricity production.

Its function is to pressurize or convert energy to the flowing liquid or gas. Commonly used materials for impellers include cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum and non-metallic materials. According to their structures, they can be divided into closed impellers, semi-open impellers and open impellers. Among them, the closed impeller is composed of blades and front and rear cover plates. Since there is no underflow loss in the closed impeller, the efficiency is high. Closed blades usually have irregular curved surfaces with large warpage, thin wall thickness, and high quality requirements such as dimensional accuracy, shape tolerance, and surface roughness.

We will take the feasibility and reliability of casting production into consideration when manufacturing, because these ultimately determine the quality of castings. Therefore, we will summarize and establish an internal mold design experience database to minimize the occurrence of multiple changes in the later period due to insufficient consideration of the casting process during the design process.

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