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Customized special-shaped ball screw
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Customized special-shaped ball screw

Customized special-shaped ball screw

November 03, 2023

We are a factory that mainly manufactures ball screws and can provide customized special-shaped ball screw services. The following are the general steps for customizing ball screws in our factory:


1. Design drawings: Customized ball screws are generally made according to the design drawings provided by the customer, or special drawings can be drawn for the customer according to the customer's requirements.


2. Confirm requirements: Communicate with customers to understand specific requirements and applicable solutions. Determine the requirements for ball screw diameter, length, lead, accuracy grade, material, load capacity, speed requirements, etc.


3. Processing and manufacturing: According to the customer's design drawings, advanced CNC machine tools and other equipment are used to perform turning, milling, grinding and other processing on the screw, and finally complete the manufacturing of nuts and the installation of balls.


4. Product quality inspection: After the ball screw is processed and manufactured, the product is subjected to appearance inspection, dimensional inspection, accuracy inspection, motion inspection, load capacity inspection, rust prevention inspection and other tests to ensure that the product meets customer requirements.


5. Confirm the product: After completing the quality inspection of the ball screw, contact the customer to confirm the product. If there are any problems with the product, timely communication and negotiation of solutions are required.


6. Delivery and after-sales service: Finally, according to the customer's requirements, the customized ball screw is packaged and delivered to the customer through the designated transportation method. After the customer receives the product, the corresponding after-sales service is provided, including installation guidance and maintenance support, etc.

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