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Common types of linear guides
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Common types of linear guides

Common types of linear guides

October 20, 2023


Linear guide rail is a commonly used linear motion guidance device in mechanical systems. According to different structures and working principles, linear guides can be divided into various types. The following are some common types of linear guides:


Sliding guide rail: Sliding guide rail is the simplest type of linear guide rail, which uses sliding to achieve linear motion of the workpiece. Common sliding guides include sliders and guides, sliders and sliders, as well as sliders and positioning screws.


Rolling guide rail: Rolling guide rail achieves linear motion of the workpiece through rolling elements (such as balls or rollers), with high rigidity and accuracy. Common rolling guides include ball screw guides, roller guides, cylindrical guides, etc.


Linear motor guide rail: The linear motor guide rail integrates the guide rail with the linear motor, and drives the motor to generate linear motion, achieving high speed and high acceleration linear motion. Linear motor guides are widely used in high-performance fields such as automation equipment, medical devices, and semiconductor equipment.


These are some common types of linear guides, each with its specific advantages and applicable scenarios. When selecting a linear guide, it is necessary to choose based on specific application requirements, load requirements, accuracy requirements, and speed requirements.

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