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The use of linear guides
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The use of linear guides

The use of linear guides

August 07, 2023

A linear guide is a mechanical component used to achieve linear motion, and it usually consists of a guide rail and a guide rail slider. With the characteristics of high precision, high rigidity and low friction, linear guides are widely used in many fields and industries.


Here are some common uses for linear guides:


CNC machine tools: Linear guides are widely used in CNC machine tools, such as machining centers, milling machines, lathes and drilling machines. They can provide high-precision linear positioning to ensure the machining accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece.


Robots and automation equipment: Linear guides are often used in industrial robots and automation equipment to achieve linear motion of robotic arms and actuators. Their high stiffness and repeatability ensure accurate positioning and motion control of the robot.


Printing and packaging equipment: In the printing and packaging industry, linear guides are used to convey and position equipment such as printing machines, die-cutters, and case sealers. They are able to provide stable linear motion and high-speed operation to meet the needs of efficient production.


Electronic equipment manufacturing: Linear guides play an important role in electronic equipment manufacturing, for example in surface mount (SMT) equipment for precise positioning and assembly of on-board components.


Measurement and inspection equipment: Linear guides are widely used in precision measurement and inspection equipment, such as coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and optical inspection equipment. Linear guides can provide stable linear motion and high-precision position measurement to ensure the accuracy of measurement and detection.


In addition to the above applications, linear guides can also play a role in many fields, such as aerospace, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, etc. In different application scenarios, the requirements and specifications of linear guides may vary. Therefore, when selecting and applying linear guides, specific requirements and conditions need to be considered to ensure the stability and performance of the system.

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